Board Search

Find your next great director


Boards are under great pressure. They need to mitigate risks, maintain brand value, and ensure financial stability — all while adapting to changing expectations around diversity, technology, environmental responsibility, and transparency.


In this atmosphere, an effective board is a necessity. For 30 years, organizations have trusted 20/20 Foresight with building and enhancing their boards. Our unparalleled access to the candidate pool allows us to find directors that strengthen and improve board performance.

Our Approach

In order to recruit the right leaders, we must first understand your organization. We work with you to learn your organization’s strategic goals, challenges, and opportunities.

We develop a thorough understanding of your current board including the skillsets, experiences and background of your current directors. We identify any gaps that need to be addressed in order to achieve maximum board effectiveness.

We complete the picture by analyzing the competitive landscape and sector trends. We then work with you to develop the ideal profile of a new board member.

We have the most extensive real estate, financial services, and professional services network in the industry, curated over the course of 30 years. This provides us with  access to leaders with the right mix of experience, expertise, background, and perspectives to take your organization into the future.


Using our proven evaluative techniques, we review each candidate based on several key factors: leadership, character, skills, reputation, experience, cultural fit, motive, and commitment.


We have particular expertise in recruiting board candidates to meet diversity and equity objectives. 20/20’s extensive industry network, high-tech platform, and expansive search techniques help to identify board candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups.