Organizational Design

Synchronize processes, structure, and talent


20/20 Foresight’s 30 years of consulting work has provided us with unique insights into your peer companies. We have learned what works and what does not. We leverage this knowledge to help you structure a high-functioning organization.


Our goal is to align your organization’s structure, talent, and processes with your core competencies and strategy.

Our Approach

Our organizational design experts will:

  • Analyze your organization’s mission, strategic goals, processes, and workloads.
  • Define the optimal management structure to support business strategy and workflow.
  • Align roles around structure and core processes to increase accountability​ and efficiency and reduce redundancy.
  • Identify and fill gaps in talent.
  • Define tasks, functions and competencies, and align with performance metrics​.
  • Identify workflow and work process bottlenecks and inefficiencies and recommend work process and workflow reengineering.
  • Document processes and governance procedures.