Executive Search Expertise

Executive search driven by data and insight


Our process is designed to source the deepest pool of active and hidden job candidates—candidates our competition often miss.


At the core of our approach lies a sophisticated technology platform and robust database. Leveraging these, we efficiently identify highly qualified candidates. 


However, the real art of recruiting is finding a cultural fit. To ensure this, we conduct proprietary evaluations that accurately assess a candidate’s fit for your organization.


And because we firmly believe that effective recruiting is an iterative process, we solicit your feedback every step of the way, and use it to fine-tune the search and ensure we are always in sync. Success is only achieved when you believe you have found the perfect fit.

Our Process

We begin every search by developing a thorough understanding of the responsibilities, experience, and competencies required for success. We take the time to understand your business, office environment, working style and corporate culture, so we can target candidates who will thrive.

We create a comprehensive strategy that details how your search will be conducted. One of the keys to getting it right from the start is the job description. We craft every job description to attract the best talent, targeting both technical and interpersonal skills.


Assessments are tailored to your business and corporate culture. And because our client partnerships are built on collaboration and transparency, we agree upon communications protocols, so you receive updates in the way you need it.

We begin our search with our proprietary Applicant Tracking System. This multifaceted technology platform includes a proprietary database of more than 100,000 contacts, integration with key external platforms, and automated processes that match candidates to positions.


Our specialized executive recruiters also bring their deep industry-specific networks to bear. Using this approach, we identify all qualified candidates in the market – both active and hidden.

We present 3-5 qualified candidates to you every 5-7 business days. Within 3-6 weeks, you can expect to see 25+ candidates. This means you will have complete transparency into the available talent in the market. Together we review the candidates, decide which ones will move forward, and continue to fine-tune the search.

Once you decide to move forward with a particular candidate, they will undergo our proprietary evaluation process, or as we call it, “20/20’s Deep Dive.” The “Deep Dive” includes in-depth 20/20 interview sessions, detailed candidate work history, skills questionnaire, aptitude and personality test, and reference checks. From this rich data, we tabulate 20/20’s CLEAR SCORE.

After reviewing each candidate’s comprehensive evaluation, you select which ones you want to interview face-to-face. Unlike other recruiters, 20/20 does not stop recruiting at this or any other stage. We continue to present you with new candidates every 5-7 business days until you have made a hire. We never quit!

When you are fully satisfied you have found the ideal candidate, we work closely with you through the offer, acceptance, and onboarding process. This includes “backdoor” reference checks (vetting candidates through our extensive network of industry professionals), background screening, and finalization of employment terms.

20/20 Foresight Client Hub

The 20/20 Foresight Client Hub is a customized, cloud-based client portal which solves one of the most common challenges for clients who have engaged an executive search firm: managing the flow of information, candidates, and documents.


The Client Hub ensures:



The Hub stores all documents related to your search in one place – candidate resumes, evaluations, job description, and more. No more searching through your inbox. The 20/20 Foresight Client Hub streamlines the search process and enhances client experience.



Clients can easily monitor the progress of their search from anywhere at any time that is convenient. All candidates under review are available in real time at the touch of a button.



In addition to regular meetings with the recruiter, Clients can share their feedback on the Hub. This enhances collaboration which we believe is critical to our successful approach. Your feedback allows us to constantly finetune the search and ultimately find the ideal candidate.


20/20 Foresight’s CLEAR SCORE will help you to holistically and easily evaluate candidates. The Clear Score is based on five dimensions that we believe are key to determining the right fit. Candidates receive a score between 1 and 5 on each dimension based on an integration of the proprietary assessments we administer.

Measures work ethic, communication style, motivation, personality profile

Measures stability, career trajectory, potential tenure, compensation profile

Measures hard skills, credentials, achievements, previous company pedigree

Measures mental acuity, reasoning, math & language skills, academic pedigree

Measures quality of “front door” & “back door” references, and criminal, civil, financial, and academic background checks

The 20/20 Advantage

Hybrid Retainer

We are a “hybrid-retainer” search firm. This means we ask for a small fee upfront with the remainder only due when the right candidate is hired. Other retained search firms offer a traditional time-based retainer in which you are invoiced for the full retainer 60 days after kicking off the search whether or not you have seen any qualified candidates.


Candidate Guarantee

While the competition typically offers a 6-month guarantee on their placements, we offer a 1-year guarantee for all candidates, and a 2-year guarantee for C-level candidates. And if for any reason you’d like to replace the candidate, we’ll do so for no additional cost.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with our service at any point during the search, you can terminate our agreement and we will refund the retainer. We stand behind our work.

We began as a real estate focused executive search firm and it continues to be our primary area of expertise. Our recruiters are fully knowledgeable in this complex sector and possess a nuanced understanding of the business and roles.


Many of them are also former business leaders. This 360-degree knowledge provides a deep understanding of the qualifications and cultural attributes needed.

We believe that finding the ideal candidate is more likely when we collaborate closely with you. This means the search is constantly refined based on client feedback. New candidates are presented every 5-7 business days throughout the process until you have finalized the hire. We don’t stop recruiting until you are satisfied.

To ensure we provide our clients with the deepest pool of qualified candidates, 20/20 has built a proprietary Applicant Tracking System.


  • Proprietary database with 100,000 candidates and 80,000 companies
  • Programmed processes which match position descriptions with candidates
  • Automated systems which “scrape” all publicly available data on a daily basis
  • Digital methods which support the evaluation process


When we combine our expert recruiters who possess deep industry specific networks and this robust, data-driven process, we are able to identify all of the active and “hidden” job candidates.

With a 95% success rate, we beat the industry average of 65% by a landslide. As important, 92% of our placements are still with the company after 3 years, outperforming the industry average of 48%.