Board Assessment & Advisory

Advising for effective, future-ready boards


A board is critical in ensuring a company’s success. Economic volatility and social change have only increased the demands placed on boards. To further complicate matters, boards have been subjected to unprecedented scrutiny by employees, shareholders, and the media.


As a result, organizations are looking for ways to make their boards more effective and future-ready. 20/20 Foresight can help.

Our assessments examine a range of factors impacting board performance

Factors include:

  • Composition
  • Cultural balance
  • Skill Sets
  • Compensation 
  • Relationship with management
  • Shareholder communication
  • Succession planning 


We benchmark these factors against peer organizations and best practices.

Our solutions will strengthen and optimize your board


20/20 Foresight synthesizes the data from our assessments and delivers robust feedback. We make actionable recommendations, such as reshaping board composition, modifying board compensation, removing dysfunctional processes, clarifying board member roles, and developing or revising a succession strategy. We then work with you to implement the changes necessary to optimize your board’s performance.