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The Return-to-Office Movement Is Gaining Momentum 

Today’s organizations have been locked in a years-long battle: The return-to-office war rages on since the world emerged from the grips of the global pandemic. The traditional office environment, once the cornerstone of professional life, saw a dramatic disruption as remote work suddenly became the norm. Now, as daily activities have resumed, with everything from […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – November 2023

We may be well into the limbo state that takes place each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day; however, there is still ample opportunity to set intentions and execute organizational talent strategies for the year ahead. As we firmly believe hiring is a fluid and dynamic process — and should evolve with your company’s […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – October 2023

As we enter the final months of 2023, organizations are setting their budgets, defining their objectives, and determining their goals for the year ahead. A key component of these plans is, of course, establishing essential strategies for talent acquisition and development for what is sure to be another momentous year for organizations across industries.   Our […]

Announcing the Launch of the 20/20 Foresight Client Hub

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 20/20 Foresight Client Hub, a first generation cloud-based client portal that will allow for greater collaboration, transparency, and efficiency throughout the search process. The 20/20 Foresight Client Hub is unique in the search industry furthering 20/20’s mission to be the most tech-forward executive search firm in […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – September 2023

And just like that … we find ourselves squarely in Q4 2023. Another eventful year for our economic and employment outlook, and another key 12 months in the evolution of how we now think of and conduct business around the world.   As we look ahead to 2024, it’s prime time for organizational planning, including defining […]

Why Your New Hire Isn’t Working Out and What Steps to Take Next 

Hiring a new employee — especially a critical member of your organization’s C-suite —  is a vital step in any organization’s growth and advancement, adding needed skills, a fresh perspective, and leadership capabilities to help guide your team into the future. However, despite conducting a careful and thorough recruitment process, not every new hire works out […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – August 2023

September has arrived and there’s a distinct back-to-school feeling in the air. While #SeptemberSurge is trending on social media, referring to the traditional hiring increases we tend to see in the fall, experts aren’t completely sold on spikes this year as the labor market continues its period of stabilization.  With the U.S. economy adding an […]

How AI Is Forever Changing the Future of Work 

It may seem like a sci-fi film out of the 1980s, but artificial intelligence, while science, is no longer fiction. In the past 12 months alone, we have witnessed both AI’s rapid acceleration and advancement as well as its adoption. Seemingly overnight, tools such as ChatGPT became the subject of public fascination — and apprehension.   Generative […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – July 2023

Summer may be in full swing — but the executive search process never stops. As we evaluate what Q2 meant for this year’s employment outlook (a more stable labor market = a less uncertain economy), we are actively engaged in ramping up our recruitment projects for the rest of the year.  Here is our latest […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – June 2023

It may be hard to believe, but 2023 has hit its halfway mark. As Q2 winds down, organizations continue to evaluate the current economic landscape and employment outlook and how these factors affect their hiring decisions moving confidently into the second half of the year.   Understanding and adopting emerging technologies, navigating remote/hybrid work arrangements, and […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – May 2023

As we collectively try to evaluate the 2023 trends that are shaping organizations today, it is a worthwhile exercise to regularly recognize accomplishments amidst a volatile and unpredictable economic and employment environment.  Today we share a current snapshot of our current and completed executive search projects to demonstrate how a forward-thinking hiring strategy can help […]

The Top 5 Trends Transforming Organizations Today 

Organizations around the world are facing historic disruption that we haven’t seen in generations. With continuous shifts in the economic and employment outlook, the rapid rise of technological advancements, and other unprecedented factors that are helping to define today’s workplaces, it’s imperative that organizations grasp these trends and harness how they can use them to […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – April 2023

Now that we’re squarely in Q2 2023, we are able to better assess the current economic and employment outlook for the year. While volatility remains, we’re encouraged by the resilient labor market and what it means for the rest of the economy. We share our monthly roundup of current and completed executive search projects to […]

20/20 Foresight Recognized on Hunt Scanlon’s Top 50 Recruiters List 2023

20/20 Foresight is honored to be named to Hunt Scanlon’s Top 50 Recruiters list for 2023. A respected industry leader in human capital sector news and research, Hunt Scanlon annually recognizes the largest, fastest growing executive search firms in the Americas. For the second consecutive year, 20/20 Foresight made this prestigious list. This distinction further solidifies […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – March 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has come to a close, and with the current economic and employment outlook, one thing is for certain: A successful hiring strategy now calls for employers and employees to work together to forge confidently into an uncertain future. Now more than ever, building your company’s strongest and most resilient workforce […]

How Technology Is Transforming Today’s Workplaces 

From the rapid rise of AI-assisted tools such as GPT and the (mostly) uncharted terrain of the metaverse, a new wave of technology is quickly ushering us into the fifth Industrial Revolution, otherwise known as Industry 5.0.   As with any massive generational shift, these changes can be unsettling. Questions abound: How will these innovations change […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – February 2023

We’ve made it through the first two months of 2023, and … things are as unpredictable as ever. The most forward-thinking business leaders are sourcing inventive solutions to future proof their organizations — and smart recruitment strategies are top of the list.  In our monthly roundup of current and completed executive search projects, we demonstrate […]

Making Sense of the Monumental January 2023 Jobs Report

As February winds down, the economic and employment outlook for 2023 continues to give us whiplash. On one hand, you have the “stunningly strong” January jobs report, which showed an increase of 517,000 positions, crushing market estimates of 187,000 and December’s gain of 260,000. Meanwhile, unemployment rates continued to decrease from 3.6% to 3.4% — the […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – January 2023

Ready or not, 2023 is here, and along with it, comes another year of great disruption — and even greater opportunity. Forward-thinking companies are seizing this historic moment to build rock-solid recruitment strategies to bolster their talent attraction and retention success and develop strong, resilient teams.  As the new year gets underway, we’d like to share our […]

What Employers Need to Know Now to Build a Successful Talent Strategy

Last month, as 2022 went into the history books as yet another year marked by disruption in the economic and employment outlook, we took a look at the hiring trends we identified as defining the coming 12 months. As 2023 gets underway, we would like to dive deeper into how employers can build a successful […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – December 2022

As we take a moment to reflect on the past year, we’re both commemorating our company’s proudest accomplishments of 2022, as well as proactively looking ahead to what 2023 will hold for executive search and the industries we represent. With dramatic shifts in the economic and employment landscape, it’s a momentous time for organizations to […]

Employment Trends: What the Past Year Has Taught Us and What 2023 Has in Store

It has been an eventful 12 months for economic and employment trends — in the past year alone, we’ve covered everything from the state of the Great Resignation and the future of the workplace to quiet quitting and pay transparency. Business leaders have had a historic level of disruption to contend with while ensuring their organizations […]

20/20 Foresight’s Current and Completed Searches – November 2022

Here are the major economic and employment headlines as we close out 2022 and look ahead to the new year: The GDP is on the rise. The labor market remains resilient. Opportunities for investment abound (if you know where to look). We’re feeling optimistic about 2023, and believe you and your organization has reason to, […]